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Meets all of the Standards Set Forth by the CDC and NIH for Laboratory Functionality

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  • A full medical examination suite with top of the range medical finishes.
  • Medical grade floor and wall linings which create a robust surface coating that is hygienic, easy to clean, sanitize and reduces maintenance effort and costs.
  • Coving, capping and drain systems that eliminate dirt and bacteria build-up.
  • Cabinets and joinery to medical grade standards.
  • A safe environment for examining patients.
  • Supplied fully equipped upon request.

More Information

  • Testing for symptomatic patients or asymptomatic patients who have been exposed to COVID-19
  • Health education to patients
  • Mini pharmacy to deliver therapeutics
  • Continuous mobility of units from location to location
  • 40’ iso shipping containers
  • Self-leveling hydraulic system
  • Insulated units
  • Walls and ceilings using monolithic Arcoplast gel coat panels
  • Armstrong Medintech seamless floor
  • Aluminum cabinets
  • Two sinks with cold water
  • 400V 3ph, 50hz Electrical Service with 100 amp wiring
  • Exterior lights
  • Air curtains at the entrance  and exits of the pod
  • Roof-mounted HVAC system
  • Surface mounted UV interior lighting
  • Ramped entrances
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