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At Hermetic Mobility, our customer needs are top of mind when we build our container suites using the highest quality manufactured materials, strict quality controls and industry-leading technologies to create a perfect medical solution. The design is sleek, smart, and will be representative of your entity's identity becoming the new point of entry to your business, mine, medical facility, or factory.
The finishes abide by NIH, CDC, and WHO design standards.


All units will be produced in the USA with an emphasis on local participation and supporting local businesses. 

Hermetic Mobility is a daughter company of Miller Paneling Specialties (est. 1984). Miller Paneling Specialties is a market leader in the construction and delivery of Bio Safety labs, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, and High-End Healthcare Fit-Outs. With the advent of COVID-19, Miller Paneling Specialties created Hermetic Mobility to deliver a multi-faceted mobile screening, testing, and containment containerized system solution which can be easily mobilized into areas as required. 

Mobile Containment Solutions





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We provide a fully functional hospital-grade medical suite that will become the new facade of your corporate building, medical facility, mine, distribution centre, school, border port of entry, factory, and business.

The suite of units will assist with processing your personnel and visitors in a calm yet robust facility that ensures your staff and business continue to operate safely.


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